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These are the reasons I continue to use the hardwood as a training ground. Everyday someone with a passion to learn walks through our doors. I and my staff are committed to helping them prepare to be the best athletes and people they can be, through a sport that gave me so much. Come on in and give us a try!

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Impactful Results

We pride ourselves on making a positive impact on a player from day 1 of training! Players finish the day with a better sense of who they are as a player and the things they need to focus on going forward.

Quality Brand

Big T Bailey Basketball is well known for their success in the basketball arena and many communities internationally and in the U.S. Through basketball, Thurl has been able to reach and teach thousands of kids that if they have the potential to succeed in whatever they feel passionate about.

Top-Class Facilities

We are excited to have a strong partnership with Lifetime Fitness in South Jordan, Utah. Their facilities are second to none and we are thrilled to be their sole provider of basketball training at this location. Check out all they have to offer by calling 801.302.0909.

Life Skills

Through basketball training, kids will learn important skills that will last a lifetime. Teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, communication are just a few that we teach through skill work. We prepare them as well for the game of life!


With over 35 years of basketball experience, Thurl and his staff are dedicated to making sure that each and every athlete who comes through our training program, has a great experience and an opportunity to reach their full potential.


Stats and analytics are a very important part of success. If you don’t have a scoreboard, how do you know if you’re progressing? Big T Bailey Basketball uses the latest in technology so that our athletes can keep track of their progress as well as watch uploaded videos of specific parts of their training. Athletes will also have the capability to communicate via live video with coaches.

Thurl Bailey

Experience is the best teacher!

Don’t let the old school goggles fool you! My journey to be one of the best started just like yours. When I knew what I wanted to achieve, I surrounded myself with people who believed and saw potential in me…then I went to work. There were a ton of difficult days that made me question whether I had what it took, but all I needed to show up with was DESIRE and COURAGE!

After being cut from my 7th and 8th grade school teams, I had a choice. I could either give up and move on to something a little less challenging, or prepare myself for the next opportunity that I knew was eventually coming. It took making some sacrifices, but when that opportunity showed its face…so did I! I made the team that year and it was just the beginning of my basketball journey.

During my senior year at North Carolina State University our basketball team, led by the legendary coach Jimmy Valvano, won the NCAA Championship in dramatic fashion. After that season, the Utah Jazz selected me with the 7th pick in the first round. After 16 years of playing professional basketball, I am doing what I feel like I was born to do…use everything I’ve learned to help others succeed.

I’m excited to get to join you on your journey. Let’s get to it!

Big T Bailey

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